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Welcome to CORSETSnBASQUES! We are the fastest growing online retailer of corsets in the UK. We have an unmatched collection of lingerie that will surely do wonders for all body type and skin tones!

Thinking of surprising that special someone? How about the perfect body shaping companion to a particularly form fitting dress? We have everything from discreet shaping corset garments all the way to sexy gifts that can easily double up as outerwear for special occasions.

First seen in France, over three centuries ago, they were created with the hope of reshaping the torso. It is quite impressive to see that these much discussed about garments, have managed to be still desired so long after their inception. Then again, who would say no to a garment with the ability to take inches off your waistline, turn your torso in to a perfect hourglass and give you a boost of confidence along with the perfect posture? Probably one of the most talked about garment in the history of fashion. From the young ladies who eagerly awaited the day that they can start wearing a corset all the way to physicians who considered them to be a health hazard more than a fashion statement!