Are corsets comfortable?

Are corsets comfortable?

When one thinks of Corsets, the first question which runs through the mind of many is “will it be comfortable”.  While many desire the hourglass figure, they do not like to feel uncomfortable or hinder day to day tasks. It is our own errors which make corsets uncomfortable, such as wearing corsets made out of fabrics that do not breathe and wrong size.

The best corset for each individual persons figure should fit perfectly at the hips and ribs. Gentle pressure should only be on the waist area with no constraints on breathing. To ensure maximum comfort, on the first few days it should not be tied too tightly. Don’t lace too quickly or too hard. The garment should naturally reshape to fit your figure. In short a good fitting corset should not be a pain, unless we make it painful because of our impatience or selection of a wrong size.

To ensure maximum comfort always remember to lace down bit less that you think you can tolerate, so that you will continue to feel comfortable throughout the daily and look forward to wearing it the next day. If wearing the corsets frequently use powder around the torso to avoid any skin irritations.

Fabrics such as cotton or silk are considered the best as it allows the body to breathe. These materials should at-least be used for the areas touching the skin directly.

Another key point to remember is that the weight of the corset has a direct impact regarding the comfort of the corset for the wearer.  The more heavily the corset is prepared, the more comfortable it will be. The logic behind this lies on the support given the figure and specially the bust. The larger the size of the corsets, more bones it will require – leading to the weight of the corset. Un-firm fabrics do not provide this much required support which leads to comfort and also does not give a smooth finish.

Few other key points are to go for corsets with bone casing externally – away from the skin. Under busks also helps to aid in the progressive stiffening.

If these instructions are followed during purchasing and wearing, the wearer cannot go wrong or fail in its purpose and comfort.

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