Steel boned corsets need proper maintenance to make sure it looks and stays fresh all along. You have probably spent a lot of money in purchasing a steel boned corset or in having one custom made for you. So here are a few guidelines you can follow in order to maintain your corset and give it a younger look for longer.

Regularly dry clean your corset. Do not put it in the washing machine or else that would be the end of your corset and your washing machine! You could probably use a warm water sponge through it but don’t scrub it and do not give it a complete wet wash. Ironing is another complete no-no for your corset. If your corset is well made from high quality materials, then you will not even need to iron it. Read full story »

For those who are not aware, a corset diet is when one wears a corset to put pressure on the stomach, which makes one full faster, as a result, consuming much less food with every meal. It is considered an alternative to gastric bypass surgery as the concept is very similar: feels full quickly, slower digestion, prevents you from wanting to eat again sooner. Here are a few tips you should consider in order to avoid harm to your body when following the corset diet. Read full story »

Corsets accentuate women’s body and make them look and feel super sexy. But whether the corset is designed as an inner wear or outer wear is a debate that continues from the past. For the most part of the history corsets were considered as an innerwear but it was not always the case.

During the Victorian times, corsets were often worn under the top wear but not right against the skin. Wearing a chemise next to the skin was a common practice at that time. So the corset was worn on top of the chemise. Also some women accentuated the corseted figure further by wearing a Swiss Waist or a cinching belt.

But currently whether you wear the corset on the inside or the outside is a mere matter of your personal preference and style. Read full story »

Whether you are wearing a corset for waist training purposes, weight loss, or back pain, the thought of sleeping in your corset has probably crossed your mind more than once. You might think that it certainly must be more productive to wear your corset for another eight hours while all you did was relax peacefully. However, many people who decide to do so, don’t know there limits. So let us discuss a few things you should and should not do if you decide to sleep in your corset. Read full story »

On the internet, there are a whole load of articles in response to this question that will probably freak you out with horror stories about past experiences. However, it is important to note that there is a risk with everything. So even though we highly promote corsetry, no one can guarantee that there is no risk. Yet, the bottom line is that if you are a fit and healthy person and you invest in a corset that fits your body in a way that it is supposed to, and is you make sure you use your corset properly, then the danger can be greatly minimized. Lets now discuss a few pros and cons of corsets in relation to your health and then come to a conclusion. Read full story »

Aug 13th

Most corset wearers know that corsets should be washed as little as possible. But corsets need cleaning too when the time is right. Since you pay good money for your corsets it is important that you keep it nice, intact and keep it looking good for a long time. You can easily hand wash your corsets but knowing to use the right type of detergent and how to dry it will make your corset last longer and keep them looking as good as new.

If you follow the 5 tips below you cannot go wrong and you can prolong your corset for many years to come.

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