Do you know before the brassieres were introduced corsets were the only undergarment that was available for women to support the bust? Corsets have been in and out of fashion in different times in the past but it was popular among only a few. But during the recent times corsets have made a major comeback and it seems they are here to stay.

If you are totally new to corsets but interested in trying them out, here are some basic facts about corsets. It will help you to have a thorough idea about all the types of corsets available and you can choose the type of corset that is most suitable for you as well as what will accentuate body and give you a sexy look.

Steel boned
These are typically made of galvanized spring steel or nylon coated spring steel. Steel boned corsets are considered as the best garments to wear when posture needs improvement. In the structure there are 12 flat steel bones integrated in a cotton body to provide its elegant form. These corsets can be worn as undergarments as well as outer garments. In the back of the corsets there are strings passed through just like shoe laces. You can tighten or loosen those strings to make the corset adjust to make it most comfortable for the wearer.

Plastic boned
These are perfect for those who are not big fans of steel boned corsets. Steel boned provide perfect body support but since it is made of steel it comes with some extra weight as well. For those who do not like to carry the extra weight prefer to go for plastic boned corsets. But they cannot accentuate your body and it can only provide you with light support for your bust. This is a cheaper option for the steel boned corsets but cannot provide the same effective support.

Under bust and over bust
These both types of corsets can help you to accentuate your body. You can wear an over the breasts corset if you want to go for a corset that provides support for your breasts. It covers from your bust to the hips and you will get a full coverage for your upper body. These corsets also come with various necklines such as straight cross or sweetheart cut etc to choose from.

Under bust corsets are made to cover from your hips up to the area under the breasts. This is ideal if you want proper support for the mid section of your body. Since the corset stops before your bust, you would have to wear a different under garment to provide bust support.

Bridal corsets
Corsets are not foreign to the bridal wear and it has been worn for decades. Unlike the ordinary corsets bridal corsets are embellished with laces, ribbons and sequins to make it look elegant on that special day. Also most bridal corsets are steel boned to offer waist reduction and give you a sexy look. Most of these corsets come in white, cream and ivory. But of course if it is not your cup of tea you can very well go for pastal colours on your wedding day too. It is your day and you are free to decide what you want to wear.

Can I rock a corset without looking awkward? is a question asked by lots of women. Most think that a woman has to have a certain body shape to wear a corset. But it is a great misconception. Regardless of your body shape you can wear a corset. But the trick is that you have to know your body type and pair it with a suitable corset that goes well with your stature and body shape. So make sure that you pick the right corset for you. Only time you would look awkward in a corset is when you wear an ill-fitting corset. You can easily look and feel sexy when you have the right corset on.

Following are the common body shapes and the suitable corsets that will accentuate your body and give the super sexy look you always wanted.

Big busted
You won’t go wrong by going for a steel boned corset. If you are big busted, steel boned corset is perfect to hold you in. You will get extra support if you go for a halter neck. Most big busted women find that halter neck style make them feel more comfortable to sport a corset. But of course it is a not a must. You can very well go for an average neck line too. A modest bust line is more appropriate so your cleavage will be just enough but not too deep. If you prefer to have a deeper cleavage you can go for a sweetheart shaped bust line.

Small busted
If you are small busted it is good to have the look of the bust area enhanced a little bit. One very easy trick is to go for a corset with a sweetheart bust line. That way the deep cleavage will give some prominence for your bust line. Also as the corset shapes your body to give a smaller waist it will make your upper body look more prominent.

Tall and slender
Do tall and slim women wear corsets? It is a frequently asked question. If you are tall and slender, you do not have to shy away from corsets. It is a misconception that only voluptuous women wear corsets. You can be slim and sport a corset with no problem. But make sure to get a longer one. Most corsets are around 14-15 inches which is not the best size if you are tall. Hence go for a corset that will border your hip area and it will give you a sexy look.

Apple shape
If you have this shape your middle area is large and have the apple shape. After giving birth most women find that they cannot get rid of that body shape. But, no worries! You can wear a corset too. I would recommend a steel boned under bust corset. It will tuck your tummy in and give you the illusion of a perfect flat belly. Hence it will be giving you a shaped body and give more prominence for your bust.

Corsets have been in the world of fashion for hundreds of years. Throughout the years corsets have been considered as innerwear, outerwear and sexy lingerie. Since corsets are making a comeback most women are curious about corsets but dubious about trying them out as corsets had been connected with burlesque dancers and can-can dancers etc. But you can integrate a corset to your everyday outfits as a classy top as well.

A full skirt is ideal to give the hourglass shape

A skirt and a corset can give your body a voluptuous look and feel more womanly. Especially if you wear a full skirt together with a corset it will give you the hourglass shape. This is a great look if you are a full figured woman. You can really flaunt your curves elegantly. If you are more in the slimmer side you can go for a full skirt as well as a pencil skirt to rock your slim look. Complete the look with a pair of high heels and you are ready to go for a night out.

With a dark pair of jeans and blazer jacket

If you are planning to go out in a pair of jeans it can be very well coupled with a corset as well. Try a dark pair of jeans preferably the snugly type that highlights your hips together with a bright coloured corset. Adding a blazer style jacket will look adorable and most suitable for day time. If you are thinking of going out in the evening you can wear the same outfit together with heels.

A unique look with a dress

Yes. You can wear a corset with a dress. In the recent past this look was made popular by most of the Hollywood leading ladies on the red carpet. Wear the corset with a form fitting dress with a full skirt at the bottom. If you wear a corset in a contrasting colour your dress will be highlighted. You can finish the look with a pair of matching heels.

Feb 20th

Corsets are making a coming back. Most of female celebrities are sporting them and maybe you are wondering if it is for you and wondering if you should dip your toes in the world of corsets. They are not all about Victorian times or burlesque dancers. You can create an entire outfit integrating this sexy piece of garment. Most of the corsets we spot are burlesque type corsets that are embellished with lots of flashy elements. But there are toned down classy versions of corsets that you can wear for a night out as well. There are various ways to wear a corset and sport an edgy fashion sense. Here are some ways you can pair up a corset with your ordinary garments.

Over a cotton top or a blouse
Lacing up a corset or a blouse can work very well. Corsets may feel uncomfortable when it is tightly laced. But if you wear it over a cotton top or a blouse you can tightly lace it but still feel comfortable. A leather corset is an ideal option when you want to wear one over a top. The sleek leather and the feminine feel of the blouse will be an interesting combination.

Try with Pants
Do not worry about pairing a corset with a pair of jeans or any slim fitting pant. It is a cool outfit you can wear anywhere. Tight pants will highlight your heavenly hips and give you a sexy look. But make sure that you choose a corset that slightly overlaps the waistline of your pants. Generally a corset is designed to extend beyond the waistline. So even if you wear a low waist pants still it will work well with the pants.

Together with vintage clothing styles
If vintage clothing style is your thing you can easily wear them with a corset. Typically a vintage dress such as those from the 50’s has natural waistline and a fitted bodice. You can wear a corset under such a dress to give the perfect body shape to flaunt your voluptuous body. The full skirt of the dress will help you to carefully conceal the corset laces at the back.

With a Long skirt
Do you want to show your sweet side but also wear a corset? Yes, you can do that. Wear a long skirt made of a fabric such as taffeta together with a corset for the perfect balanced combination. It will be perfect ensemble to rock adorable but sexy side of you.

Did you know the history of corsets dates back to ancient civilisations? As surprising as it may sound women have been wearing corsets almost since the beginning of time. There were illustrations of corsets uncovered at a Neolithic archaeological site in Norfolk, England. The illustrations clearly depicted women wearing bodices that appeared to be made of animal skins. Just like modern corsets, the ancient corsets also had laced ties. On the same site there were some stone dolls unearthed which were also clad in corsets made from animal skins. Paintings of women in corsets have been found in other ancient civilisations in Greece, Egypt and Rome. Historians claim that women of that era engaged in very physically demanding activities such as bullfighting and gymnastics, hence the corsets were worn to provide the body support for such vigorous activities.

The word corset derives from the French word “corps” which means body. The garment had tight cinching made to cover the middle torso. In the 16th and 17th centuries, women wore them to push up or flatten (in some cases both) the breasts, and to tighten the waist to gain a seductive hourglass figure. The corsets are usually laced at the back where a lace was passed through eyelets. Lacing could be done from top to bottom or vice versa depended on the fashion trends prevailing at the time. Some corsets were designed with two laces starting from the top and bottom and laced from both ends to meet in the middle. By tightening or loosening the lace the required firmness of the corset was gained, giving support to the torso to provide a statuesque posture and to shape the body. Heavy dresses were in high fashion during this period therefore the corset provided much welcome assistance to women in distributing the weight of the abundant materials of their lavish garments.

The body cinching corsets of this era were made of layered fabric, mostly from linen or linen-cotton blends which were stiffened with glue. Some corsets which date back to this period have been found to be made with a structure of steel or iron, although such extreme designs weren’t considered to be mainstream fashion of that time. Historians believe these metal structures were created as experimental designs or more likely for orthopedic reasons.

During this period you could differentiate the social status of a woman by the corset she wore.  If a woman wore a corset not only did she have a stunning hourglass figure, she also expressed her social status, as the corset was considered a symbol of beauty and wealth. Privileged women wore brighter, better fitting and more decorative clothes. Women who were not blessed with a high social status also wore corsets but they were far less elegant and not worn as tight as the noble women, understandably, to provide the mobility to get on with their cumbersome day to day activities.

Throughout the ages corsets have played an important role in the lives of noble women, helping them to achieve a particular fashionable look as well as maintain social standards and class distinction.