Nov 7th

Over the years, there have been numerous ideas for diet and weight loss. Some include restricting your appetite so as to reduce the daily calorie intake, others aim to boost your metabolism to be able to burn fats faster, and some techniques slow down the absorption of fats into your body. Today, the latest diet trend is the corset diet. Women have again begun using corsets to permanently change the shape of their bodies. This was amongst one of the oldest weight loss methods and has increased in popularity since the beginning of this year. For approximately one zillion years, corsets have been pinching in women’s fat. Every few years there were some reports of modern day women squeezing into these corsets to reduce their waistline instead of opting for cardio. Today, the corset diet has its own website and has many women following it as a technique for weight loss.

Companies are motivating ditching of dieting and exercising and offering great deals for corset replica’s of your body, custom made and designed specifically for encouraging weight loss. Successful wearers of this type of corset have reduced their corset size by two sizes and have lost almost 12 pounds in the process. The corset diet claims to be a better alternative to gastric bypass surgery, which reduce the size of the stomach while also possibly presenting life-altering complications. On the other hand, most corset wearers are not at risk of seriously harming their bodies. However, one must keep in mind that improper or excessively long term corset wear can bruise one’s organs and may lead to other health issues.

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If you seriously want to do some waist training with the help of a corset, you are probably thinking of investing in a custom made one. This will take about 15 to 50 hours of labour and may cost you about $400-$1000. Alternatively, you could choose to purchase an off the rack corset in a suitable size which will cost you much less and is a good option for beginners to see how their bodies are reacting to corset wearing before actually investing in an expensive custom made one. Before making your purchase, read this article to know about a few things to consider while shopping.

If you are shopping online, make sure you get multiple views, or even better would be a 360 degrees view of the corset. Only upon seeing the back, front and sides of the garment can you determine its shapes and curves and whether or not it will fit you well. Items that do not show you a detailed picture of the product may not be advisable to purchase as the construction is being concealed in those. Moreover, do not trust pictures that are shown on a mannequin or of just the corset in front of a background because once again, you cannot see the shape. The whole point of a corset is the curves it gives your body. And if you can’t see it on an actual human body then there’s no point. Read full story »

Steel boned corsets need proper maintenance to make sure it looks and stays fresh all along. You have probably spent a lot of money in purchasing a steel boned corset or in having one custom made for you. So here are a few guidelines you can follow in order to maintain your corset and give it a younger look for longer.

Regularly dry clean your corset. Do not put it in the washing machine or else that would be the end of your corset and your washing machine! You could probably use a warm water sponge through it but don’t scrub it and do not give it a complete wet wash. Ironing is another complete no-no for your corset. If your corset is well made from high quality materials, then you will not even need to iron it. Read full story »

For those who are not aware, a corset diet is when one wears a corset to put pressure on the stomach, which makes one full faster, as a result, consuming much less food with every meal. It is considered an alternative to gastric bypass surgery as the concept is very similar: feels full quickly, slower digestion, prevents you from wanting to eat again sooner. Here are a few tips you should consider in order to avoid harm to your body when following the corset diet. Read full story »

Corsets accentuate women’s body and make them look and feel super sexy. But whether the corset is designed as an inner wear or outer wear is a debate that continues from the past. For the most part of the history corsets were considered as an innerwear but it was not always the case.

During the Victorian times, corsets were often worn under the top wear but not right against the skin. Wearing a chemise next to the skin was a common practice at that time. So the corset was worn on top of the chemise. Also some women accentuated the corseted figure further by wearing a Swiss Waist or a cinching belt.

But currently whether you wear the corset on the inside or the outside is a mere matter of your personal preference and style. Read full story »

Whether you are wearing a corset for waist training purposes, weight loss, or back pain, the thought of sleeping in your corset has probably crossed your mind more than once. You might think that it certainly must be more productive to wear your corset for another eight hours while all you did was relax peacefully. However, many people who decide to do so, don’t know there limits. So let us discuss a few things you should and should not do if you decide to sleep in your corset. Read full story »